My Latest Book


By Design, the last book of the series of four, might be out by the beginning of April.  Badona has done the artwork for the cover, and she will read it through one more time.  Then she will submit it and order a proof copy.  She will read it again; and if there are no corrections, it will be ready to be published.  She has read the book many times more than I have.

There is another book in the works, but it is almost time for me to go fishing.  I set a date on the calendar, March 17, to go shad fishing.  I have my double rigs tied and my rods ready with new line on the reels.  Shad fishing with light tackle is a blast!  You hope to see the same people as you have in the past, but a lot of them have died.  We see each other every shad season until May.  We get caught up with each other; and after shad season ends, our paths rarely cross.

Enjoy your friendships and reminisce about the past, but invest in the future in Christ!


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