A Good Week



Have you ever had one of those rare weeks when everything falls right in place?  There are no frustrations, and the whole week goes smoothly?  I had one last week!  I helped repair a floor and moved things back into the room and didn’t scratch the new floor.  I built a ramp, and it fit in place just like it was supposed to.  There was a little problem with the door, but that only made things interesting.  I was able to go swimming with Badona, and I went fishing twice.  The shad are running, but I also caught a yellow perch, a crappie, and a herring.  The white shad were the best fighters.

On Sabbath, I was asked to teach the Sabbath School lesson; and I was impressed to take it in a different direction.  It was about the seven churches in Revelation.  The lesson went well, and the discussion never stopped.  In fact, we went over time but left there feeling blessed in knowing that the Holy Scriptures have the final authority.  Let Scripture interpret itself with no preconceived ideas.  All the names that Jesus used in Revelation, chapter one are important and how the different names were used in the different churches.

I know next week won’t be like last week, but I’m blessed every week.  I hope you have one of those rare weeks that everything flows just right.  Enjoy it!


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