Striper Fishing


Friday, June 10, was one of those fishing days that keeps you fishing!  Thursday was a long day waiting at the Eye Institute for hours.  My bones get stiff, and I had to get up and walk around.  I don’t think much of the medical field or their ability to schedule time.  They seem not to teach that in school.

It was good to get out on Friday.  Johnny and I met at precisely 8 a.m., loaded his boat, and went to Garrett’s Marina where we put in.  I convinced Johnny to put on a silver rattletrap, and I put on a white one.  We soon started catching stripers.  Sometimes we caught them back to back.  Most of them were over 20 inches.  I don’t know how many we caught, but we only kept four, two apiece.  The four we kept was because we had a hard time getting the rattletraps out of their mouths.  Somewhere in the Rappahannock River is a stingray with one of my rattletraps in its mouth!  Johnny said he was going to go out and buy himself some rattletraps.  He had never caught fish before using lures.

Striper season ends on June 15, so I’m hoping we have a chance to get out there one more time before then.  I’m hoping we’ll have as good a day as we did on Friday.  Whatever happens, God always blesses!


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