Birds at Our Birdfeeder


We recently had two rose-breasted grosbeaks visit our feeders.  They stayed around for a few days.  The male is really bright black and white with a red spot on its chest.  The female is dull in comparison.  I have a hard time seeing the red on them, but I knew what they were the instant I saw them.  Badona saw the bright red immediately.

We used to have evening grosbeaks at our feeders, but we haven’t seen them in two years.  Maybe they don’t like cats.  The Rufus-sided towhees are also bright as well as the finches.  But I think the indigo bunting is the brightest.  Blue is one color I can see well.

I’m blessed that we still can afford to feed the birds.  And when Jesus returns, I will be able to see all the colors.  The blue jays are calling me.  They get on the bird pole and jump up and down and make a racket until I take them some bread or nuts.  The cats also go after the bread, but the blue jays get their share.


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