Fishing with Lures


Stripers have been abundant this year in the Rappahannock River.  They are out of season now and you can’t keep them until October, but they are fun to catch because they are so strong.  We haven’t killed any of them.  I like casting lures the best.  When they strike, they fight the whole way in and even in the boat.  They try to get the lure into your hand, as well.

Johnny and I thought we would try something different.  We got a float and a hook, then put the float two feet above the hook.  On the hook was peeler.  We both watched the bobber float over the riff-raft, and to our surprise, the bobber went under.  We caught two stripers like that!

We need to learn the Potomac River.  You can keep two stripers per person all the way to the end of December there.  I remember when I was young we caught them at Ragged Point and the rock pile across the way.  We also caught some large white perch, over a pound back then by casting lures.

All of our fish have been over twenty inches with one that was thirty inches and another at thirty-one.  One of the great pleasures in life is fishing.  It’s almost as good as helping someone.  I hope your fishing trips are blessed, as well.



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