A Day of Fishing Mishaps



This week Johnny invited me to go fishing on his boat.  I guess we should have stayed home.  The weather said that the wind would be from the northwest, five to ten miles per hour.  No, it wasn’t.  We were bouncing on the water and fishing and catching fish, stripers.  Johnny had one on his line and got it to the boat.  We were fishing with Rattle Traps.  As he was getting the striper unhooked, the fish hooked him and set the mustard hook into Johnny’s finger.  It was a mess.  I managed to unhook the fish but was hurting Johnny at the same time.  The Rattle Trap, an ounce in weight that was chrome with a blue back, was hanging from his finger.  We struggled to get the treble hook off the ring of the lure.  Now Johnny only had the treble hook in him.  The treble hook was not long enough to push it through and cut.  It really hurt Johnny when we tried and going the other way hurt even more.  So we got ready to go to the hospital.  But our troubles didn’t end there.  The button was pushed to pull the anchor up.  All that came up was rope.  It had come loose from the chain and anchor.  At least the boat started.  There is always something to praise the Lord for.  We had caught fish and now the boat started.  I thought about the infection that is in the water.  One guy I know, Andy, almost lost his arm because he didn’t take care of a cut.

We left the boat tied to the dock and unhooked the trailer from the truck.  Johnny’s finger was really hurting.  At the hospital in Tappahannock there was no wait.  The doctor shot some numbing serum into Johnny’s finger and used a scalpel to cut the hook out.  He gave him some pills and a prescription of antibiotics to take for ten days.  Next we went to Rappai where Johnny ordered a new anchor.  Chris let us borrow one for the day so back to the boat we went and back to fishing.  Johnny’s finger wasn’t working very well.  The borrowed anchor really made us work as well as the wind buffeting the boat around.  But we were still fishing.  We are hard-core fishermen!  The doctor had given me back the hook that he cut out, and I struggled to reattach it on the Rattle Trap with the boat rocking all over the place.

What a day!  Johnny ended up breaking his fishing rod; and while he was taking the Rattle Trap off that I had fixed by reattaching the hook, it fell in the river.  Fishing is expensive!  Don’t get out of practice!


Fishing Withdrawal


I’m suffering from fisherman withdrawal.  I haven’t been fishing for a whole week.  This is the same feeling I get in January, February, and the first two weeks of March.  I went outside to look at my fishing rods in the shed this morning and played with my saltwater tackle and freshwater tackle boxes.  I have gotten a lot of things done for other people as well as here at home.  I feel good that things got accomplished, but I’m looking forward to getting back to fishing next week.  Fishing is my outlet, and I’m glad I have two friends who take me out on their boats.  I got rid of my boat a few years ago.  I do enjoy bank fishing also.

I’m planning a church fishing trip along with Alvin on the last Sunday in September.  Alvin found a flier advertising Ocean Eagle.  They charge $40 for 5 hours.  It’s a headboat that holds a lot of people.  I don’t usually like headboats.  I’d rather use lures.  But being with people will be fun, and fishing will be secondary.  I hope you will be able to get out and enjoy nature this week.

Feeding the Birds



I have written about our birds and wild cats before, but I wasn’t very specific.  We have a large male blue jay that I call Squawker.   If I am late feeding him, he will hop up and down on the bird pole calling me.  I throw bread to him, and he calls other blue jays to come and eat.  He eats next to me while the others keep their distance.

We also feed hummingbirds.   Sometimes there are eight hummingbirds trying to eat.  They make a strange chirping sound, and they do more fighting than eating.  There is one hummingbird that I call Dive Bomber.  He is a male.  If another male is eating, he will dive down and put his beak in the back of the neck of the one that is eating.  He sits at the top of the dogwood tree watching.  Sometimes he won’t even let the females eat.  I have seen one male hummingbird engage Dive Bomber while the others come and eat.  They really know what they are doing.  When Dive Bomber has chased everyone away, he will sit and drink for a long time.

As you know, I go fishing a lot and bring fish back for the cats.  I cut the fish up for them while I fillet mine.  My neighbors and church friends get fish, also.  While I am feeding the cats, there is a bird that joins in.  I call him Henry.  I don’t know if it is a male, but he is a large turkey vulture.  He eats alongside the cats.  Sometimes the cats stalk him, but they have never attacked Henry.  He sits on top of the shed roof and waits until I throw him a piece before he will come down to eat.

My wife and I love the place where we live, but the city is creeping out here.  Our homes heaven and the New Earth will be a place where nature will not be afraid of us.  I understand there is a home being built for those who have a real relationship with Jesus, and those who live on the New Earth will build their own homes.  I hope all who read my blog have the desire to be there.  Be sure to share the relationship that you have with Christ.  “Go and tell what the Lord has done for you.”

Witnessing to Others


Bill called me last week, and we talked on the phone for about 15 minutes.  That’s a long time.  He was excited that he had an opportunity to witness for Jesus in his life and talk about Jesus’ sacrifice on the cross for us.  He really enjoyed doing that and wants to continue.

The people who are Christ’s disciples are different than the rest of the world.  We go through some difficult times, but knowing that it is part of God’s design for our life brings peace in a messed-up world.  All we need to do is share with others what God has done for us.  We do have a future that is hard to imagine.  I have never been to a place where sin does not exist.  My own nature is sinful if I take my focus off Christ.

There is joy in sharing Jesus and what He has done for us.  We don’t do it in order to gain anything; we do it out of love for God and people.  When Jesus sent His disciples out on their mission, He said, “Freely you have received, freely give.”

Have you been blessed by God in some way?  Meditate on it.  Has God given you a spiritual gift?  He probably has, but most people don’t know what that gift is.  Pray about it, and share the blessings you have received.  You don’t need to be a Bible scholar, but you have to take time daily in His Word to know Him intimately and His will for your life.  It’s the best way to live!

More Fishing


I remember going fishing with my grandparents when I was fourteen years old.  We sat on the banks of the Pamunkey River in July.  Grandpa said, “Throw it out in the channel.”  And we caught lots of striped bass.  Those were the days when you could keep them.  We caught them on bloodworms.

Johnny and I went fishing last Monday, and we caught striped bass with peelers.  We threw them back in the water.  They are out of season now.  We did catch some black drum that runs like stripers.  On one of my casts, I forgot to flip the bail on my reel.  When I threw it, the line snapped and lost my rig.  When I finished retying a new one on, I cast it out.  I was surprised to catch a double as well as the rig I had just lost!  We thought that was really cool.  We caught other rigs that day as well.

We were surprised that we caught so many fish because it was so hot out.  We stayed too long.  I drank all of my water and Johnny drank all of his as well as a soda.  We both get headaches and our bodies were hurting.  It was a struggle to get the boat on the trailer.  Even though we did know when to quit, our bodies could feel it the next morning.