More Fishing


I remember going fishing with my grandparents when I was fourteen years old.  We sat on the banks of the Pamunkey River in July.  Grandpa said, “Throw it out in the channel.”  And we caught lots of striped bass.  Those were the days when you could keep them.  We caught them on bloodworms.

Johnny and I went fishing last Monday, and we caught striped bass with peelers.  We threw them back in the water.  They are out of season now.  We did catch some black drum that runs like stripers.  On one of my casts, I forgot to flip the bail on my reel.  When I threw it, the line snapped and lost my rig.  When I finished retying a new one on, I cast it out.  I was surprised to catch a double as well as the rig I had just lost!  We thought that was really cool.  We caught other rigs that day as well.

We were surprised that we caught so many fish because it was so hot out.  We stayed too long.  I drank all of my water and Johnny drank all of his as well as a soda.  We both get headaches and our bodies were hurting.  It was a struggle to get the boat on the trailer.  Even though we did know when to quit, our bodies could feel it the next morning.


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