Witnessing to Others


Bill called me last week, and we talked on the phone for about 15 minutes.  That’s a long time.  He was excited that he had an opportunity to witness for Jesus in his life and talk about Jesus’ sacrifice on the cross for us.  He really enjoyed doing that and wants to continue.

The people who are Christ’s disciples are different than the rest of the world.  We go through some difficult times, but knowing that it is part of God’s design for our life brings peace in a messed-up world.  All we need to do is share with others what God has done for us.  We do have a future that is hard to imagine.  I have never been to a place where sin does not exist.  My own nature is sinful if I take my focus off Christ.

There is joy in sharing Jesus and what He has done for us.  We don’t do it in order to gain anything; we do it out of love for God and people.  When Jesus sent His disciples out on their mission, He said, “Freely you have received, freely give.”

Have you been blessed by God in some way?  Meditate on it.  Has God given you a spiritual gift?  He probably has, but most people don’t know what that gift is.  Pray about it, and share the blessings you have received.  You don’t need to be a Bible scholar, but you have to take time daily in His Word to know Him intimately and His will for your life.  It’s the best way to live!


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