Feeding the Birds



I have written about our birds and wild cats before, but I wasn’t very specific.  We have a large male blue jay that I call Squawker.   If I am late feeding him, he will hop up and down on the bird pole calling me.  I throw bread to him, and he calls other blue jays to come and eat.  He eats next to me while the others keep their distance.

We also feed hummingbirds.   Sometimes there are eight hummingbirds trying to eat.  They make a strange chirping sound, and they do more fighting than eating.  There is one hummingbird that I call Dive Bomber.  He is a male.  If another male is eating, he will dive down and put his beak in the back of the neck of the one that is eating.  He sits at the top of the dogwood tree watching.  Sometimes he won’t even let the females eat.  I have seen one male hummingbird engage Dive Bomber while the others come and eat.  They really know what they are doing.  When Dive Bomber has chased everyone away, he will sit and drink for a long time.

As you know, I go fishing a lot and bring fish back for the cats.  I cut the fish up for them while I fillet mine.  My neighbors and church friends get fish, also.  While I am feeding the cats, there is a bird that joins in.  I call him Henry.  I don’t know if it is a male, but he is a large turkey vulture.  He eats alongside the cats.  Sometimes the cats stalk him, but they have never attacked Henry.  He sits on top of the shed roof and waits until I throw him a piece before he will come down to eat.

My wife and I love the place where we live, but the city is creeping out here.  Our homes heaven and the New Earth will be a place where nature will not be afraid of us.  I understand there is a home being built for those who have a real relationship with Jesus, and those who live on the New Earth will build their own homes.  I hope all who read my blog have the desire to be there.  Be sure to share the relationship that you have with Christ.  “Go and tell what the Lord has done for you.”


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