Fishing Withdrawal


I’m suffering from fisherman withdrawal.  I haven’t been fishing for a whole week.  This is the same feeling I get in January, February, and the first two weeks of March.  I went outside to look at my fishing rods in the shed this morning and played with my saltwater tackle and freshwater tackle boxes.  I have gotten a lot of things done for other people as well as here at home.  I feel good that things got accomplished, but I’m looking forward to getting back to fishing next week.  Fishing is my outlet, and I’m glad I have two friends who take me out on their boats.  I got rid of my boat a few years ago.  I do enjoy bank fishing also.

I’m planning a church fishing trip along with Alvin on the last Sunday in September.  Alvin found a flier advertising Ocean Eagle.  They charge $40 for 5 hours.  It’s a headboat that holds a lot of people.  I don’t usually like headboats.  I’d rather use lures.  But being with people will be fun, and fishing will be secondary.  I hope you will be able to get out and enjoy nature this week.


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