Life’s Challenges


Life is full of challenges; and at points, it takes unexpected turns.  People say, “Life is hard.”  Compared to what?  If we are in Christ, the world will hate us. Those are Jesus’ words.  He continues, “Take up your cross and follow Me.”  Boy, what an adventure, and even more as I get older!  My friend Johnny had a really tough week and I wanted to be there for him.  In reality, he was there for me.  We need to live life with a positive attitude.  Things do look like they are falling apart all around us.  Just look at the choices for President!  But it is supposed to happen.  People who turn to drugs and alcohol don’t find real happiness.  We need to be alert to what is happening in our world.  Who knows, this may be the last time we choose a president.

There are so many killings everywhere in this world, some places more than others.  There is disease and sickness.  People are hungry.  Hatred is everywhere.  This is not the kind of world that Christ has planned for those who are His.  He is the only way out of this world.  Some people don’t even have enough money to get by; but if they start to live in God’s economy, they will see a change.  So what if we are killed or die from cancer here on this earth now.  You are still God’s, and you will awake to a world that we can’t imagine.  A world with no sin!  Enjoy your life in Christ.  And that means to also help others to find that secret.



Thoughts on Flying


I’m going to leave flying for the birds!  I helped someone move to Hartford, Connecticut, last week.  I drove them up then flew back home.  The airport in Hartford is great.  I haven’t flown since the 1980’s, and I remember that my experience in Dallas/Fort Worth was a disaster.  All the passengers sat in the plane for two and a half hours waiting to leave.  The air conditioning was turned off, and they ran out of water.

Well, Hartford was nice.  At the checkpoint, they checked my shoes and a man felt my chest.  We departed on time.  When we arrived at Dulles, I had fifty minutes to make my connection.  I had to find the shuttle bus to get to Terminal A.  I was looking for A2F, but none of the signs said A2F.  So I jumped on “A” transit and discovered that A2F was all the way in the back.  That is where all the waiting started.  I saw people running to make their flights to Philadelphia, Charleston, and even Charlottesville.  But the plane to Richmond was delayed.  Back in Dallas/Fort Worth, it was American Airlines.  This time it was United, and all they were worried about was our patience.  They kept announcing, “Thank you for your patience.”   I was supposed to arrive in Richmond at 11:03.  I didn’t get home until after 2 a.m.  I did use my time to get acquainted with some of the others heading to Richmond.  There even was a couple who live in King William County.  The chairs at Dulles were very uncomfortable.  Hartford had some nice chairs that you could really rest in.  They even had some nice cushioned, Lazy-boy type chairs, although I didn’t get to sit in them.  Some would give you a massage.

All the little stores in the “A” section were closed and locked down.  Everyone tried to sleep.  I was able to doze a little.  It was a really long day.  I left my home at 3:30 a.m. and drove nine hours to Hartford.  It costs $15 to cross the George Washington Bridge.  I think that is a rip off, but we arrived in good time.  The delay in getting home really was frustrating.  It only took a half hour to fly from Dulles to Richmond; but if I had a car, I could have driven from Dulles and beat the plane and been in bed sleeping before they arrived at RIA!


Feeding the Feral Cats


When Johnny and I go fishing, we always bring back fish for the cats.  We’ve done a lot of fishing this year.  Some of the cats have tamed down and they can be touched.  They do eat all over the neighborhood.  We can tell by some of the things they drag back to our yard.  They have become so accustomed to getting fish from me that when my truck returns home, it triggers some alarm in them that it must be time to eat, even if I haven’t been fishing.  Some will come close, and others keep their distance.  When there is fish in the bucket, they will reach their paws in and claw one out.  When one cat gets a fish out, the others attack both the fish and the cat.  I cut the fish up for them, filleting both sides.  The center and the guts are their favorite parts, but they do eat all of it except for catfish.  That’s when Henry and his buddies come in and finish it off.

The cats follow me around when I’m unloading my truck from going to the dump or from a store.  They will jump up into the back and examine the inside, maybe looking for fish.  There is one cat that will walk in front of me and lay down in my path.  I have to stop walking and bend over to pet it.  When I move on, it will get in front of me again and do the same thing.

I have noticed that the cats have an order as to who gets to eat first to last.  One time Henry was trying to eat with the cats and a gray cat was stalking him.  If you don’t know, Henry is a turkey vulture that comes by regularly to drink water and to see what there is to eat.  Anyway, it looked like Henry and the gray cat were stalking each other.  Usually the cats leave the vultures alone.  This cat didn’t back down.  He lunged at Henry.  Henry flew up in the air and the gray cat almost got him.

It’s fun watching nature and observing the different personalities of these creatures.  I’m thankful for the times that life can slow down and I can pay attention to creation.



Adjusting to Change


I have had the same wallet for years—I don’t know how long.  Badona thought it looked too worn, so she bought me a new one that is supposed to be scan proof.  It does look better, but it’s different inside.  I had all my cards organized in a certain way, but the new wallet doesn’t have the plastic pockets that you slide your cards and pictures in.  We started shoving the credit cards into slots on one side, my license, voter registration, blood donor card, insurance card, and emergency road service card in the center pocket, as well as my Anatomical Donor card.  The third side now holds my library card, YMCA card, and my Lay Pastor Certificate.  Where the money is supposed to go (I usually don’t have much here) holds my fishing license and business cards.

A couple of days later we stopped at the Shell gas station.  I spent several minutes looking for my Kroger card.  We get a discount on gas depending on how much groceries we buy.  Of course, I couldn’t find the card.  When I told Badona that I must have lost it, she took my wallet and pulled it out.  Apparently there is another pocket under the credit card slots.  She knew where everything was; she stuffed it.

I’m still breaking in the new wallet.  It was good that we were together that day because I was lost in my own wallet.  A prudent wife is from the Lord, and I know that I’m blessed by God and Badona.  “Live joyfully with the wife whom you love,” Solomon said.