Feeding the Feral Cats


When Johnny and I go fishing, we always bring back fish for the cats.  We’ve done a lot of fishing this year.  Some of the cats have tamed down and they can be touched.  They do eat all over the neighborhood.  We can tell by some of the things they drag back to our yard.  They have become so accustomed to getting fish from me that when my truck returns home, it triggers some alarm in them that it must be time to eat, even if I haven’t been fishing.  Some will come close, and others keep their distance.  When there is fish in the bucket, they will reach their paws in and claw one out.  When one cat gets a fish out, the others attack both the fish and the cat.  I cut the fish up for them, filleting both sides.  The center and the guts are their favorite parts, but they do eat all of it except for catfish.  That’s when Henry and his buddies come in and finish it off.

The cats follow me around when I’m unloading my truck from going to the dump or from a store.  They will jump up into the back and examine the inside, maybe looking for fish.  There is one cat that will walk in front of me and lay down in my path.  I have to stop walking and bend over to pet it.  When I move on, it will get in front of me again and do the same thing.

I have noticed that the cats have an order as to who gets to eat first to last.  One time Henry was trying to eat with the cats and a gray cat was stalking him.  If you don’t know, Henry is a turkey vulture that comes by regularly to drink water and to see what there is to eat.  Anyway, it looked like Henry and the gray cat were stalking each other.  Usually the cats leave the vultures alone.  This cat didn’t back down.  He lunged at Henry.  Henry flew up in the air and the gray cat almost got him.

It’s fun watching nature and observing the different personalities of these creatures.  I’m thankful for the times that life can slow down and I can pay attention to creation.




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