Back to Striper Fishing!


It’s funny that in the Potomac River you can keep stripers from May to December; but in the Virginia waters, there is a summer break.  On the first day of the fall striper season, Johnny invited me out to go fishing.  I’m glad we went.  We caught over our limit but only kept the limit.  The first one Johnny caught was only 20 inches.  We returned it to the river to keep a larger one.  There is one striper out there with my lure in its mouth.  It was pulling drag and was able to cut the line on something on the bottom.  There is a lot of structure on the bottom that seems to hold fish.  They say you’re not fishing if you’re not losing your lures.  After that, I kept my rod up and didn’t play with them until we caught our limit.

We like casting lures because when a large striper strikes, you feel it immediately.  They are great fun to reel in.  Stripers don’t smell like other fish, nor do they have a fishy taste.  I still caught other fish for the cats, but those greedy buggers wanted my two fish, as well.  I’ve posted on Facebook a photo of what a cat will do to a fish carcass and one of the stripers we kept.

I hope everyone has something that they enjoy doing as I do to get out of the world for a while.  It will keep you strong and healthy!  A simple life in Christ is all I desire!


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