Helping Others


Last week I was helping a person with a plumbing problem when I got a call from her friend who was having car problems.  She thought she would be able to make it home, so I waited just in case she didn’t.  Well, she made it; but the car was making an awful noise.  Even I could hear it!  She wanted to take the car to her mechanic that night.  I followed her so that I could give her a ride back home.  We made it to the intersection of 360 and Lee-Davis Road before the car quit in the turn lane heading to the BP and Walgreen’s side.  I got out to try to push her car off the road.  Traffic was thick, but no one stopped to help me.  They only blew their horns.  I couldn’t push it out of the way, so we blocked traffic for over half an hour waiting for a tow truck.

Times have surely changed.  In years past when you were pushing a car, other men would get out to help.  People today are not showing the love of God or even Southern hospitality.  I thank the two men who stopped and helped my wife when she broke down many years ago on I-295.


Our Vacation


November 10 was our 32nd wedding anniversary, and we took a trip to Front Royal.  We stayed at a motel in Middletown.  Thirty-two years ago we spent our honeymoon at Natural Bridge.  This time, we took the northern part of Route 11.  Front Royal says it is the canoe capital of Virginia, but we didn’t see any canoes.  I also didn’t see any fishing stores.

The Touch of Italian is a great restaurant in Middletown.  We enjoyed our dinner there.  We saw some historical sites and swam in the pool at the motel.  On the way home, we took the Skyline Drive.  I knew that there was a fee to drive on it.  That’s why I have never been on it.  I was surprised at the $20 price.  If we didn’t have a Senior Pass for Federal parks, I would have turned around.  There are some advantages in growing old!  It was a pretty drive, but the speed limit was too slow.  We did see two small bears!  It was good to slow down and get away.



Peace in All Situations!



The first thing every morning, I have prayer, Bible study, and meditate.  I couldn’t start my day without it.  It prepares me for the day.  On Thursday morning last week after my study time, I turned on the TV to find out who won the World Series.  My bedtime is early, and I couldn’t stay awake to watch the game.  Well, I had to watch fifteen minutes of election stories, commercials, and more commercials about the candidates running for office before I found out the Cubs won.  I’m sure glad the election is over, and God help us!  I do look forward to Jesus being King of Kings and Lord of Lords!  He is already King and Lord of my life!  I guess the politicians are now getting ready for the next election and are seeing to what other freedoms they will take away.  I sure didn’t like the Mafia-style insurance tax program.  People seem to want the government to take care of them.  The best way that I’ve found is to live in Christ.  What great peace in all situations!

Christmas – Already!


I’ve seen Christmas change over the years.  It looks like Christmas has already started, at least the commercialism of it, in October!  Things are way overpriced, yet people are still willing to pay and even go in debt for things they don’t need to impress people they don’t like.  It just doesn’t make sense to me.  I think that if people refuse to pay the high prices, the prices will go down.  Everything, including money, belongs to God.  One day we will be held accountable for the way we used His money.

I’m not against Christmas.  When our daughter was younger, we had a Christmas tree.  It was usually decorated with dolls.  One year we did use fishing lures!  But when our daughter grew up, she also outgrew Christmas.  Now she has a child, and she has noticed how prices have gone up in her thirty years of life.

Don’t feel pressured about the commercialism.  The simplest celebration is the best and most rewarding!