Shop Responsibly


I am not a shopper.  As a matter of fact, I don’t care for it and don’t want to know how much things cost.  Prices have gone up a lot in my lifetime.  I’ve mentioned before about the price of mayonnaise.  If my wife asked me to go to the store and get something, there’s a good chance I would come back with nothing.  “Do we really need it?”  One time she made her own mayonnaise.

We went to the Dollar General Store recently.  It reminded me of what Big Lots used to be like.  Big Lots used to have a fishing area where I bought my daughter a tackle box and fishing lures.  Some people said that the fishing lures were seconds; but they caught fish, and I still use them now although I’ve lost most of them.

Shop responsibly.  Think about what you are buying.  Do you really need it?  Will it help your spiritual growth?  We don’t want so many things that would tie us down to this earth or to be dependent on things more than our Savior.  Today we are spending most of God’s money on gasoline!



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