Time Flies


January is over.  It seemed to only last about a week!  Every month we change our filters; and I’m sure I just did it!

Looking over my January calendar page, I had marked every day.  I flipped the page to February and saw that there are a lot of days already marked there.  I kept flipping the pages and saw days marked all the way to the first week of May.  I took the calendar down and started marking days for fishing.  March 16 is now planned to be my first fishing day for this year.  I hope it will be a good day and that the shad will bite.

I’m scheduling one day a week to go fishing.  I’m supposed to be retired, but we are busier now than when we were working.  We thank the Lord for His Spirit to give us His strength and wisdom to keep serving Him.  And I pray for good fishing weather.  All our plans are in His hands.


Thoughts on Texting


The other day I learned how to send a text message on my wife’s TracFone.  I texted my daughter.  You have to push the numbers until you get the right letter.  Anyway, she texted back, “Welcome to the 20th century.”  I have one more century to catch up!  I still would rather talk on the phone than text, and I don’t care to follow anyone except Jesus.  I don’t understand how people have the time to be on the phone or whatever.

There is no way that I could do a blog every day.  Once a week is hard enough, and it probably wouldn’t get done without my wife prodding me to do it.  I thought that I would have time to finish writing the book I’m working on, The Legend of Tater, this winter.  I still have some winter left.




Our church is in the middle of ten days of prayer, called Ten Days of Fire.  My topic on Saturday night was cleansing and purity.  Purity isn’t popular.  But think, if everyone had pure thoughts, hearts, and lives, wouldn’t the world be a better place!  You go to work, and people make fun of purity.  The things we see on television in our own homes can fill the mind with impure thoughts.  People with pure thoughts with no hidden agendas do stand out because it is rare.  Jesus said, “Blessed are the pure in heart, for they shall see God.”

Looking Ahead


I’m not a person who looks back too much, but I do look back to see how I’ve grown spiritually.  I remember how I caught fish last year and see how I can improve my fishing this year.  Last year’s fishing was great!

I think looking forward is the best way to live.  Reminiscing about the past can be dangerous.  Remember Lot’s wife.  Our success in a spiritual life comes only as God’s people go forward, as we make constant advancement.

It’s hard to turn our backs on the things of this world.  We need to focus totally on Christ.  January receives its name from Janus, a so-called Roman god that has two faces looking in opposite directions.  Being two-faced is fatal in Christian growth.

Answered Prayer


I have been with the same insurance company for over 40 years.  It was a good company and my agent, Diane, had me at a great price for quite some time.  Eventually she got sick and had to sell her agency.  Then every other year, our premiums would go up.  We have our auto and home all together.

Last week our latest bill arrived in the mail.  The premium went up $31.67, and I was impressed to shop for insurance.  My wife and I prayed about it and talked about it.  It was hard to leave a company that we have done business with for so long.  I spent two whole days on the phone getting quotes.  I learned a lot about insurance!  Some of the companies have strange regulations, but all of them are cheaper than what we were being asked to pay.  After talking with seven insurance companies, I believe I could run my own agency!  We finally decided to go with the one that will save us over $450 a year.  Our prayers for guidance turned into prayers of praise!  God is thrifty with His own money!