Time Flies


January is over.  It seemed to only last about a week!  Every month we change our filters; and I’m sure I just did it!

Looking over my January calendar page, I had marked every day.  I flipped the page to February and saw that there are a lot of days already marked there.  I kept flipping the pages and saw days marked all the way to the first week of May.  I took the calendar down and started marking days for fishing.  March 16 is now planned to be my first fishing day for this year.  I hope it will be a good day and that the shad will bite.

I’m scheduling one day a week to go fishing.  I’m supposed to be retired, but we are busier now than when we were working.  We thank the Lord for His Spirit to give us His strength and wisdom to keep serving Him.  And I pray for good fishing weather.  All our plans are in His hands.


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