Almost Spring!



What a fantastic winter day Sunday was!  It was 82° here with no humidity.  I took a long walk Sunday morning, talking to the Lord and praying for the people in the houses that I walked by.  I was also able to fix a door that wouldn’t shut properly and did some house chores.  I was afraid that Badona was going to get in a spring-cleaning mood.  I reminded her that it was going to get cold again.

Monday I started calling commercial contractors to do some work at church.  I know of only two.  If you know a commercial contractor, let me know.  I’m ready to start taking bids to fix the wall in the fellowship hall, the closet, and the women’s bathroom.  We have the talent, but we don’t have the speed in getting it done.

My goal is to get all my extra stuff done so it won’t interfere with fishing.  The yellow perch are biting, and I hope to get out there this week.  I plan to fish a lot when the shad runs.



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