A New Fishing Season!


Badona said all I write about is fishing.  Now I’m not just writing about it; I’m doing it!  So far this year I’ve caught large-mouth bass, yellow perch, white hickory shad, and a rockfish by mistake.  I plan to go fishing at least once a week until the end of the year.

I’m struggling to finish my fifth book, The Legend of Tater, because of being so busy.  Maybe when I’m older and can’t do much else, I’ll write more.  I’m thankful that the Lord keeps me busy doing His work in the church and in the community; and He gives me bonus time to go fishing!


New Shoes?



My comfortable Nunn Bush dress shoes have finally fallen apart.  I’ve had them for many, many years.  They were so comfortable I ordered a second pair as soon as I bought the first pair.  Now, both pairs are beyond saving.  Badona ordered a new pair that looked similar.  But, of course, they are not made the same.  They are not soft or comfortable, and the quality of the leather feels more like plastic.  They don’t even fit me even though they are marked my size.  We are now waiting for a return label to return them and get our money refunded.  In the meantime, I do have another pair of loafers that I can use; but they are hard leather and will take some time to break in.  And, of course, Badona is going to want to drag me around to the shoe stores in town to find something that I will like better.  Shopping is not my favorite thing to do especially now that it is time to start fishing!




I was thinking back to my first sign of aging.  I used to have a beard most of the year.  Now I only grow it in the winter months.  One day I noticed that there was something white under my lips.  I thought it was just toothpaste.  I took a wet cloth and wiped it off and it seemed to be darker again.  When I washed up the next morning, the white was back and I hadn’t brushed my teeth yet!  Now most of my beard is gray or white instead of my dark brown.  I just looked at some photographs from when my daughter was born and through her toddler years.  I sure don’t look the same as back then!

The next thing I noticed is that I was having a difficult time putting my socks on while standing up.  Now I can’t do it at all.  Then most of my hair turned gray.  Well, I guess it’s downhill from now on.  But it does pay to follow the Lord’s health plan that is prescribed in His Word.  Even though I don’t look the same or am as limber as I used to be, the best way to live is to trust in the Lord with all your being.  It pays now and later with eternal life with God!

Swamp Fishing



I’m ready for fishing!  Some of my fishing buddies have already started, but I will catch up.  I have some responsibilities to take care of first, but things will change after the seventh of March.  If Johnny says, “Let’s go fishing,” I’m at the attitude that I can drop everything and go fishing!  I’m supposed to be retired, but Johnny and I still want to help people.

This morning I was thinking about Jerry Boynton.  He died a few years ago.  We used to go fishing a lot together in my canoe and later in my boat.  But Jerry fell in love with swamp fishing.  I don’t go swamp fishing anymore.  I can’t afford to tear my legs up anymore.

When Jerry first went into the swamp with me, he was a little nervous.  He wore long pants which was smart.  I never wore long pants.  He carried a stick in one hand and his fishing rod in the other.  After we got in the water, Jerry used the stick.  When he cast his rod the first time, a large fish took the lure.  The fear of snakes and other creatures left his imagination and all that was on his mind was winding that fish in.  It was a bowfin.  The stick was left behind and never brought again.  The swamp became beautiful to him like it was to me and we enjoyed its beauty.