Swamp Fishing



I’m ready for fishing!  Some of my fishing buddies have already started, but I will catch up.  I have some responsibilities to take care of first, but things will change after the seventh of March.  If Johnny says, “Let’s go fishing,” I’m at the attitude that I can drop everything and go fishing!  I’m supposed to be retired, but Johnny and I still want to help people.

This morning I was thinking about Jerry Boynton.  He died a few years ago.  We used to go fishing a lot together in my canoe and later in my boat.  But Jerry fell in love with swamp fishing.  I don’t go swamp fishing anymore.  I can’t afford to tear my legs up anymore.

When Jerry first went into the swamp with me, he was a little nervous.  He wore long pants which was smart.  I never wore long pants.  He carried a stick in one hand and his fishing rod in the other.  After we got in the water, Jerry used the stick.  When he cast his rod the first time, a large fish took the lure.  The fear of snakes and other creatures left his imagination and all that was on his mind was winding that fish in.  It was a bowfin.  The stick was left behind and never brought again.  The swamp became beautiful to him like it was to me and we enjoyed its beauty.


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