I was thinking back to my first sign of aging.  I used to have a beard most of the year.  Now I only grow it in the winter months.  One day I noticed that there was something white under my lips.  I thought it was just toothpaste.  I took a wet cloth and wiped it off and it seemed to be darker again.  When I washed up the next morning, the white was back and I hadn’t brushed my teeth yet!  Now most of my beard is gray or white instead of my dark brown.  I just looked at some photographs from when my daughter was born and through her toddler years.  I sure don’t look the same as back then!

The next thing I noticed is that I was having a difficult time putting my socks on while standing up.  Now I can’t do it at all.  Then most of my hair turned gray.  Well, I guess it’s downhill from now on.  But it does pay to follow the Lord’s health plan that is prescribed in His Word.  Even though I don’t look the same or am as limber as I used to be, the best way to live is to trust in the Lord with all your being.  It pays now and later with eternal life with God!


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