Unusual Shopping Experience


On Sunday Badona and I went to Midlothian to visit someone who is having a hard time.  Our visit was great, but it reminded us that we shouldn’t take our health for granted.  On the way back home we stopped at Walmart to pick up eleven things.  We got in the 20 or Less Items checkout line.  The two ladies in front of us had more than twenty things and a large stack of coupons.  (Another reason why I don’t like shopping.)  The man in line behind me noticed and was talking loudly about how things need to change in this world.  (We know that that won’t happen until Jesus returns.)

Finally we finished checking out, and the man behind us put his seven things onto the counter.  We began walking towards the exit when we saw lots of people running out of the store.  One man was yelling to someone, “Put the stuff down and come out!”  Just then the loud speaker announced that all customers and Walmart employees needed to exit the building immediately.  We didn’t know what was happening and asked an employee at the door what was going on.  He said, “Code Blue; bomb threat!  Everyone leave the store!”  I hope the man in the checkout behind us was able to get checked out.  He had waited a long time!  It was a madhouse getting out of the parking lot and lots of cars were still driving in.  Walmart lost a lot of customers that day.  This is the first bomb threat I’ve ever been in.  Badona heard on the late-night news that it took the Hanover Sheriff’s deputies and canines three hours to determine that the store was safe and found nothing. As we were leaving, we saw a friend of ours who worked in Walmart.  She was on her break when this happened.  She had a long break!


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