Swimming at the YMCA


I go swimming with Badona maybe once a week.  The last time I went there was a different lifeguard. She was a young lady who likes to talk to you while you are swimming.  She had all kinds of suggestions about how to improve my swimming.  Being polite and hard of hearing, I had to stop swimming to listen to her.  Badona said that she was flirting with me.  I said she’s not interested in someone as old as me.  Badona said, “Your hair doesn’t look gray when it’s wet.”

When our exercise time was up, the young lady held the door for Badona to go to the ladies’ locker room, and then she came running to the men’s locker room door to hold the door for me.  That’s the first time a young lady held the door for me!  Either she was flirting or I was so worn out I looked like I needed for someone to open and hold the door.  Old age has some advantages!


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