Fishing Lures


Badona hangs things in the bathroom and on the doorknobs, but I haven’t had a place to hang my lures.  I like to touch up my fishing lures with paint from time to time.  Now I’ve found the perfect place to hang them.  It’s a lamp chain in the kitchen.  I think they look pretty good up there.  I guess I could hang them out in the shed, but it’s been pretty hot out there, in the upper 90’s and even 100’s.  It’s a cool 78 degrees inside the house.  I can’t wait to see how these freshwater lures will do.  When I saw where and how the striped bass were hitting on my lure, I made some alterations to these.

I hope we all can learn something and keep learning and not be afraid to try something new.  There may be some interesting results.  We’ll never stop learning in heaven and the New Earth!


Alien Plants


Something about our yard does not grow a garden very well.  We don’t have lush grass, either, just crab grass and goat’s weed.  It does very well with weeds and various plants that seem to seed themselves.  We used to have several lady slippers growing in the woods around our yard.  They have died off over the years.  When we first moved here there was no poison ivy or feverfew.  We now have plenty of both as well as passion fruit and some type of wild grapevines.  We don’t know where they came from.

 These alien plants are very interesting.  We can’t tell if they are some type of herb growing, or if they’re just weeds when they start to sprout.  Se we occasionally let them grow just to see what they are.  This year a new one popped up, just one single plant in the corner of Badona’s flower bed.  It’s really quite pretty.  It has a shiny, purple stem and big leaves.  The flower blossoms are very pretty, light lavender trumpets.  Badona spent one entire evening going through the flower identification book trying to find out what it is.  We were both surprised to find out that we are nurturing jimsomweed, a poisonous plant from the nightshade family.  Isn’t that just like Satan and sin.  Something that looks so attractive can be deadly!

Hanover Tomato Festival


I went to the Hanover Tomato Festival for the first time.  Our church had a booth there, and it was a blast!  We gave away free stuff:  books, tomato plants, tomato seeds, tomato recipes that Badona made up in a tomato shaped design and cut out, and pencils with the church info on them.

It was a fun activity, a safe environment, and full of energy even on a hot day.  People who had booths loved the mass of people who came.  There were people who came from Charlottesville, other places in Virginia, and even New Jersey.  I can now recommend that you will enjoy the experience, whether manning a booth or just walking through.  It was 100% better than the Fishing Expo, and I do enjoy fishing, you know!

People were patient with all the mass of people that were there.  There were many different cultures.  Everyone looked happy.  My mind went to heaven.  The only difference I could envision is that heaven won’t need a police force to direct traffic and keep vigilance over the entire proceedings.

We do have the great hope of heaven and peace of mind now.  I’m glad I got to experience the Tomato Festival.