Every Thursday or Friday Badona and I go swimming together.  She goes twice a week, and I go with her one day a week.  Last week we went on Thursday and then went to buy me a new pair of dress shoes.  She has been worried about my shoes.

As we were driving to the shoe store, she looked at me and said, “You’re wearing that on a date?”  I didn’t know we were going on a date, just shoe shopping.  I had on what used to be a white church shirt and a camouflage swimsuit.

We went to DSW and bought a pair of Rockport shoes that I didn’t really care for.  Then we went to Shoe Carnival.  They had the same shoes for $30 less, but I bought a much more comfortable pair of Deer Stag shoes that cost even less!  Plus, Shoe Carnival had a deal:  buy one, get one half off.  Badona got herself a pair of shoes for half off.  That was our date!  (Badona went back to DSW by herself to return the Rockports.)


My Fifth Book is Out!


I’ve got good news, not as good as the Gospel of Jesus, but my fifth book is done and has been accepted!  The Legend of Tater is an old-time Western.  It takes place mostly in Montana back when Helena was called Last Chance.  Badona, who is the editor, said that I’ve gotten better.  If you like old Westerns and adventure, read about Tater.  It is really worth it!

You can get it on or see me!  Here is a link:

Car Problem!


The dreaded Check Engine light lit up on Badona’s car.  We took it to Andy’s Automotive where we get our vehicles inspected.  Johnny came out with his handheld computer and plugged it into the car under the dashboard.  It read “running lean.”  That made sense because we have had to push the gas pedal down more to get moving.  He opened the hood and found a large hole in the corrugated rubber intake hose.  I never would have seen it, being color blind.  It was dark on dark.  Now, if the hose were white, I would be able to see a dark hole in it.

Anyway, I taped up the hole; and the car ran much better.  I ordered a new intake hose from Advance Auto.  It was pretty expensive for what it is.  After installing the new hose, I went back to Andy’s.  Johnny checked it again with his computer and took the light off the dash.  For all of his help, there was no charge!  By the way, he asked me if I wanted a job!

Good people work there at Andy’s.  If I were younger, I’d be proud to work with them!

A Really Strange Fishing Story


A couple of weeks ago Johnny and I were out fishing on his boat in the Rappahannock River.  We did very well, catching stripers.  Four were keeper size!  Too bad we can’t keep them right now.  I hope they will be there in the Fall.  Earlier in the month, we were fishing at the mouth of the Potomac River and caught stripers there, also.  Years ago I used to catch bluefish, trout, and flounder.  They all seem to be gone now.

Well, back to that day a couple of weeks ago.  Not only did we catch stripers, we caught croakers that were a quarter to half a pound; and some of them were yellowbellies.  We also caught something that was very heavy.  As I was pulling up the anchor, something was coming up with it.  Johnny and I both had to pull to bring it up.  It was two other anchors!  And one of those anchors was one that Johnny lost last year!  We had to cut the rope on it last year when it wouldn’t come up.  Johnny was glad to get back both his anchor and chain!  They came with the boat.  He had had to make another anchor to replace it.  Now he has two spares.  Who knows what you will catch when you go fishing.  It’s an adventure!


Fishing for Cats?


Early one morning last week while it was still cooler outside, I was in the backyard practicing casting a fishing lure.  I want to be able to place it better.  Then all of a sudden, a cat came running out from under my truck to grab the lure.  I jerked, thinking it would be nice if the fish would come charging like that after the lure.  The lure flew up behind me, and a different cat came out of the woods to grab it.  They must have been watching me the entire time.  I yanked again, but the cat got tangled up in the fishing line and ran back into the woods.  I let the drag out then cut the line so I wouldn’t hook the cat.

I went to get my gloves and pruning shears.  I wanted to help the cat, but I didn’t want to get all clawed up.  These are wild cats that don’t let you get too close.  Well, the cat somehow untangled itself!  After I cut down some briers, I saw the lure lying on the ground.  I was glad to get the lure back, but there was no sign of the cat.  I was doubly blessed.  The cat wasn’t hurt, and my lure wasn’t lost!  I’ll do my fishing in the water from now on.