Every Thursday or Friday Badona and I go swimming together.  She goes twice a week, and I go with her one day a week.  Last week we went on Thursday and then went to buy me a new pair of dress shoes.  She has been worried about my shoes.

As we were driving to the shoe store, she looked at me and said, “You’re wearing that on a date?”  I didn’t know we were going on a date, just shoe shopping.  I had on what used to be a white church shirt and a camouflage swimsuit.

We went to DSW and bought a pair of Rockport shoes that I didn’t really care for.  Then we went to Shoe Carnival.  They had the same shoes for $30 less, but I bought a much more comfortable pair of Deer Stag shoes that cost even less!  Plus, Shoe Carnival had a deal:  buy one, get one half off.  Badona got herself a pair of shoes for half off.  That was our date!  (Badona went back to DSW by herself to return the Rockports.)


One thought on “Shopping/Date?

  1. Clarence

    hahaha yes I laughed because I know you two,ha Chuck, surprise her, take Badona to her favorite restraunt with the trimmings, and for no partuclear reason, ant her birth day, ant christmas, just because , you both will love it and someone else gets to warsh the dishes, yea dress up a little hehehe , just living a little life , B Blessed my friend


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