A Surprise “Thank You”


When you help someone, you don’t except anything in return.  So when it happens, you are surprised.

Early last Wednesday morning, a young man wrecked his truck in front of our house.  He was messing with modern technology when he went off the road and into the ditch.  He missed two trees but hit the third one on the passenger side.  The truck went up into the air and came down on its wheels.  The man was ejected from the truck.  I didn’t see it happen, but I heard the crash.  The truck was mangled, and the young man was a mess in the middle of the road with blood coming out of his head and neck.  I ran to get him a towel while Badona called 911.  He managed to crawl from the middle of the road to the grassy edge by our driveway.  His belongings were thrown all over the place.  I picked them all up and cleared the road.  It was morning rush hour.  When he crawled off the road, I knew he would be all right.

Saturday afternoon he came knocking on our door to thank us.  He had a lot of stitches in his head and neck.  Our bodies sure can take a lot of abuse.  We are wonderfully made by God!  I hope this young man realizes that.


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