Keeping Too Busy


Last week I was very busy and tired.  I usually top up the gas tank in my truck when it gets down to half.  I get better gas mileage that way.  But last week I was too busy to get to the gas station.  I’ve never run out of gas, but I remember when my dad passed a gas station on our trip to Ohio.  He was thinking that the next station would be cheaper.  At home the gas was in the twenty-cent range, but on the highway, it was up to the forty-cent range.  Well, he never made it to the next station.  My dad walked back to the gas station we had passed.  He didn’t get back to the car until dark.  Then he had to return the gas can to get his deposit back and fill up the car.

So last week I put my gas can in the truck, just in case.  It had some gas in it that I use for the lawn mower.  I told Badona we were “living on the edge!”  We went to the YMCA for our swim before running errands.  It would be out of the way to get gas first; besides, we needed to get to the Shell station to take advantage of Five-cents Off Thursday plus our Kroger fuel points.  Well, we made it!  My truck drank $49 worth with the discounts!


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