Cell Phones


Badona broke down and got a smartphone.  She said, “The world’s leaving us behind.”  Allison helped her set it up and there are stills things she needs to address on it.  She was really happy with the good deal she got and has already saved money using coupons on the Apps.  However, the first weekend she had it we were late for church because of the phone—texting back and forth to her brother.  I may get a cell phone myself this year, but I won’t be connected to the ear.  People say, “What do you do in an emergency?”  I do what I have always done:  carry tools and walk.  It has worked for sixty years.  I just don’t want to get soft in my retirement years.  I’m organized and plan things out.  And when I’m with someone, I don’t want to be interrupted. We’ll see what I’ll do.  I’m still praying about it.


One thought on “Cell Phones

  1. Clarence

    Chuck U r so funnie, lol, lol, lol,now if U know what lol means , too late U r already part of the modern age.So U r 60 already, I thought U were stil in your 50 ths, well Happy and Blessed B Day for all the ones I’ve missed !all is well with me hydroponic gardening / farming is doing well thank God.sometimes I feel something a little strange in my stomach, I tell myself it is just part of getting older, I talk to God about it, bet whatever is ok with me , Iam not afaraid to live and Iam not afaraid to die, God has ben so good to me , so Iam okGod continue to Bless U and your family !, Oh cell phone they dont bite, hehehe


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