My Cell Phone Dilemma


I’m still struggling with the thought of getting a cell phone.  Our home phone is $40 a month and we can call anywhere in the U.S. and talk as long as we like.  I’ve been looking at a TracFone and it is cheaper.  You can buy a card for $20 for 3 months, but you have to watch your minutes.  It’ll get expensive if you talk too long.  In the past two weeks, I spent a total of an hour on the phone with the company that handles my pension.  I also spent another half hour with a friend who called and needed to talk.  The TracFone doesn’t care if you make the call or if someone calls you.  The airtime subtracts from your minutes.  I’ve looked at other phone systems and they have extra fees and contracts.  I need to be smart with God’s money.  Outrageous bills will interfere with my offerings to the Lord and helping others.  You also need a dependable phone.  I’m still on the fence.


2 thoughts on “My Cell Phone Dilemma

  1. Clarence Goad

    Hi again Chuck, hope all is well, I was hoping to get a coment from you on the music in the church,I chimed in on, I guess I will just have to wait til we talk, just looking for your openion, just for conversation, now on the track phone , I had one for many years, I think it was about $45.00 a month, UNLIMITED !! talk anywhere to any where as long as you want , ,I talked hours a day, because I used it in my business, The Appliance King, best deal going , it didn matter if I called or U called me, and the coverage area was any where in the US and Canida , I think Canida is included UNLIMITED from good old Wall mart , B Blessed


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