Coins vs. Credit Cards


Badona and I were talking about how important change, coins, used to be.  Money!  We would do errands for a nickel, a dime, or even a quarter.  You used to be able to buy a lot of penny candy with a few coins.  A nickel used to buy a Baby Ruth candy bar that was larger than they are today!  And there was no tax on it then.  Today if we have any change, it gets put into a piggy bank for our granddaughter.  But since the credit cards give us a small percentage back on purchases, Badona plays their games.  She puts post-it notes on the cards she gives me to use and lists what places I am to use them in.  One is only for gas, another should be used at Walmart or for Building and Hardware stores.  Last year I took a handful of change to the bait store to buy squid.  I sure got a strange look.


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