A Good Wife



It is eight o’clock on a Sunday morning, and we are having snow flurries.  I have just finished my study time with God and was thinking how I have been blessed with Badona.  I know God put us together because I surely didn’t make a good impression.  On our first date, I had problems with the catsup bottle and shot catsup across the table and onto her blouse.  A few months later my dog bit her, and she had to get a tetanus shot.  She had a bad reaction to the shot and broke out with a serious rash.  My dog got sick that same week (unrelated to the biting incident) and had to be put down.

In any case, we have now been married for over 31 years.  She is thrifty and makes sure that we live below our income.  We have been able to save a little for our future.  I just gave her my paycheck when I used to work, and she manages money well.   She likes shopping, and I don’t.  If I were to do the shopping, I would come back with nothing.  I use things up until I can’t wear them or use them in any way.

My wife is also organized like I am.  We both keep calendars.  I couldn’t live with someone who wasn’t organized.  She finds time to go and visit people with me.  I have been blessed!