Adjusting to Change


I have had the same wallet for years—I don’t know how long.  Badona thought it looked too worn, so she bought me a new one that is supposed to be scan proof.  It does look better, but it’s different inside.  I had all my cards organized in a certain way, but the new wallet doesn’t have the plastic pockets that you slide your cards and pictures in.  We started shoving the credit cards into slots on one side, my license, voter registration, blood donor card, insurance card, and emergency road service card in the center pocket, as well as my Anatomical Donor card.  The third side now holds my library card, YMCA card, and my Lay Pastor Certificate.  Where the money is supposed to go (I usually don’t have much here) holds my fishing license and business cards.

A couple of days later we stopped at the Shell gas station.  I spent several minutes looking for my Kroger card.  We get a discount on gas depending on how much groceries we buy.  Of course, I couldn’t find the card.  When I told Badona that I must have lost it, she took my wallet and pulled it out.  Apparently there is another pocket under the credit card slots.  She knew where everything was; she stuffed it.

I’m still breaking in the new wallet.  It was good that we were together that day because I was lost in my own wallet.  A prudent wife is from the Lord, and I know that I’m blessed by God and Badona.  “Live joyfully with the wife whom you love,” Solomon said.