I was thinking back to my first sign of aging.  I used to have a beard most of the year.  Now I only grow it in the winter months.  One day I noticed that there was something white under my lips.  I thought it was just toothpaste.  I took a wet cloth and wiped it off and it seemed to be darker again.  When I washed up the next morning, the white was back and I hadn’t brushed my teeth yet!  Now most of my beard is gray or white instead of my dark brown.  I just looked at some photographs from when my daughter was born and through her toddler years.  I sure don’t look the same as back then!

The next thing I noticed is that I was having a difficult time putting my socks on while standing up.  Now I can’t do it at all.  Then most of my hair turned gray.  Well, I guess it’s downhill from now on.  But it does pay to follow the Lord’s health plan that is prescribed in His Word.  Even though I don’t look the same or am as limber as I used to be, the best way to live is to trust in the Lord with all your being.  It pays now and later with eternal life with God!


Growing Old


I’ve been trying to call a lady who we go to church with, and I haven’t been able to get her.  The reason I couldn’t reach her was because I couldn’t tell the difference between a “5” and a “6”.  Anyway, Badona dialed the number; and I got her answering machine and left a message. My wife has been bugging me to get my eyes checked and get real glasses.  I have broken several pairs of cheap reading glasses, and I sure would hate to break expensive glasses.

Some of the men who I hang out with are surprised that I don’t take Viagra at my age.  I said, “Why should I do that?  I’m already going blind and deaf!”  I have no problem seeing when it’s time to go fishing.  Johnny called today at 9 am; “Let’s go fishing!”  We caught lots of fish, and the cats will be eating catfish for three meals or more.  He wanted to take his boat out one last time before he towed it home.  I thank him for taking me this year.  We are blessed by the Best!