How Can I Help?



I realize that I can’t do anything, and people want me to do something.  The problem is with a woman who is in the beginning of Alzheimer’s.  Some days she is normal, other days she is in the middle of the street cussing people.  Her family lives in other states, and she is mad that they took her car away.

I have no authority to put her in some kind of home; and she is so head-strong, her children really don’t want to deal with her.  Even the police can’t help, and she really needs help to protect herself.  It seems that nothing can be done until she either hurts herself or hurts someone else.  There seems to be no preventative solution.

One of her daughters did put her in a home in Maryland, but they could only hold her for 72 hours.  She put up such a fuss, the family brought her back here where she lives alone.  People do check on her, and then call me to ask me to do something for her.  I see her getting worse, but I have no authority to do anything except pray for her.  God never intended this to happen to people, but Satan loves it.  We know how things will end if we stay in God’s Word.