Answered Prayer


I have been with the same insurance company for over 40 years.  It was a good company and my agent, Diane, had me at a great price for quite some time.  Eventually she got sick and had to sell her agency.  Then every other year, our premiums would go up.  We have our auto and home all together.

Last week our latest bill arrived in the mail.  The premium went up $31.67, and I was impressed to shop for insurance.  My wife and I prayed about it and talked about it.  It was hard to leave a company that we have done business with for so long.  I spent two whole days on the phone getting quotes.  I learned a lot about insurance!  Some of the companies have strange regulations, but all of them are cheaper than what we were being asked to pay.  After talking with seven insurance companies, I believe I could run my own agency!  We finally decided to go with the one that will save us over $450 a year.  Our prayers for guidance turned into prayers of praise!  God is thrifty with His own money!