Under Attack


We have a male cardinal that has been beating on our front storm door every day for the last month or longer.  It also goes to several of the windows.  Badona says that it hangs onto the screen and watches her as she is sewing.  The bird’s chest and upper wings look a mess where it has crashed into the glass.  We tried putting up pictures of hawks.  We’ve strung strands of yarn over the glass, and even left the broom against the door.  We taped paper over the entire glass so that there is no reflection.  Nothing works. I have now put up a fruit tree net over the door, but that doesn’t work either.  The bird catches its feet in the webbing and swings on it before crashing into the glass.  Maybe it will get caught in the net and become cat food!  Badona is not happy about the mess it is making on the windows that she recently washed, but the worst part is that it starts at 5:15 in the morning and includes a lot of chirping!


Bird Watching


I saw something strange this week—at least it was strange for me.  For a while we didn’t have any birds around our yard at all.  I don’t know what scared them away.  We do have feral cats in the woods that are somewhat ferocious.  One only has one eye, but it’s a tenacious hunter.  I’ve even seen it eating on a squirrel.  Anyway, I thought the wild cats had scared the birds away.  But they’re back now.  What I saw was a pileated woodpecker in our dogwood tree eating the red berries.  I even called Badona to come see it and verify that my eyes weren’t deceiving me.   We usually see them hammering on a tall tree or doing their laughing call.  It was interesting to see it doing something different.

Bird Watching


We have a wooden bird feeder pole with a flat top.  Birds visit us quite often, and occasionally we get to see something different.  One recent morning, we saw a baby downy woodpecker along with an adult.  The adult grabbed a sunflower seed, took it to the top of the bird pole, and cracked it open while the baby watched.  Then the adult hopped over to the baby and fed it the seed.  It did this several times.  By the next week, the baby downy was feeding itself.

Our children are learning by watching us.  It’s the parents’ responsibility to raise their children, not the schools or the government.  Education is good, but a life in Christ with great love is what is needed.  We can see how God works in His creation!

Trip to Massachusetts


Badona and I recently took a trip to Massachusetts.  It took us eleven hours to drive up with a few stops and a little bit of heavy traffic.  The return trip took ten hours and ten minutes.  I guess it was shorter because we were going downhill.  Actually, there was very little traffic anywhere.  We were blessed, and we even took longer stops.

In Massachusetts I saw a Baltimore oriole drinking from a hummingbird feeder at Badona’s mother’s house.  It announced itself with a high chirping call before it went to the feeder.

Well, at least this blog isn’t about fishing.  I do love nature, what’s left of it.  I guess fish and birds go together.  They were created on the same day!


Feeding the Birds



I have written about our birds and wild cats before, but I wasn’t very specific.  We have a large male blue jay that I call Squawker.   If I am late feeding him, he will hop up and down on the bird pole calling me.  I throw bread to him, and he calls other blue jays to come and eat.  He eats next to me while the others keep their distance.

We also feed hummingbirds.   Sometimes there are eight hummingbirds trying to eat.  They make a strange chirping sound, and they do more fighting than eating.  There is one hummingbird that I call Dive Bomber.  He is a male.  If another male is eating, he will dive down and put his beak in the back of the neck of the one that is eating.  He sits at the top of the dogwood tree watching.  Sometimes he won’t even let the females eat.  I have seen one male hummingbird engage Dive Bomber while the others come and eat.  They really know what they are doing.  When Dive Bomber has chased everyone away, he will sit and drink for a long time.

As you know, I go fishing a lot and bring fish back for the cats.  I cut the fish up for them while I fillet mine.  My neighbors and church friends get fish, also.  While I am feeding the cats, there is a bird that joins in.  I call him Henry.  I don’t know if it is a male, but he is a large turkey vulture.  He eats alongside the cats.  Sometimes the cats stalk him, but they have never attacked Henry.  He sits on top of the shed roof and waits until I throw him a piece before he will come down to eat.

My wife and I love the place where we live, but the city is creeping out here.  Our homes heaven and the New Earth will be a place where nature will not be afraid of us.  I understand there is a home being built for those who have a real relationship with Jesus, and those who live on the New Earth will build their own homes.  I hope all who read my blog have the desire to be there.  Be sure to share the relationship that you have with Christ.  “Go and tell what the Lord has done for you.”

Birds at Our Birdfeeder


We recently had two rose-breasted grosbeaks visit our feeders.  They stayed around for a few days.  The male is really bright black and white with a red spot on its chest.  The female is dull in comparison.  I have a hard time seeing the red on them, but I knew what they were the instant I saw them.  Badona saw the bright red immediately.

We used to have evening grosbeaks at our feeders, but we haven’t seen them in two years.  Maybe they don’t like cats.  The Rufus-sided towhees are also bright as well as the finches.  But I think the indigo bunting is the brightest.  Blue is one color I can see well.

I’m blessed that we still can afford to feed the birds.  And when Jesus returns, I will be able to see all the colors.  The blue jays are calling me.  They get on the bird pole and jump up and down and make a racket until I take them some bread or nuts.  The cats also go after the bread, but the blue jays get their share.