Count Your Blessings!


Badona and I talked about listing all of our blessings.  Well, it was too many to write down!  With all these blessings, we can’t help but share all year long.  Even as my mother is dying, we still experience God’s blessings.  He has told us what the future holds, and we know which period of prophecy that we are living in.  Even churches have become like the world, trying to attract people instead of presenting God’s Word that cuts like a two-edged sword.  Just during my lifetime I have seen biblical standards and high standards falling in the United States.  Jesus has to return pretty soon or else He will have to apologize to Sodom and Gomorrah.


Growing Old


I’ve been trying to call a lady who we go to church with, and I haven’t been able to get her.  The reason I couldn’t reach her was because I couldn’t tell the difference between a “5” and a “6”.  Anyway, Badona dialed the number; and I got her answering machine and left a message. My wife has been bugging me to get my eyes checked and get real glasses.  I have broken several pairs of cheap reading glasses, and I sure would hate to break expensive glasses.

Some of the men who I hang out with are surprised that I don’t take Viagra at my age.  I said, “Why should I do that?  I’m already going blind and deaf!”  I have no problem seeing when it’s time to go fishing.  Johnny called today at 9 am; “Let’s go fishing!”  We caught lots of fish, and the cats will be eating catfish for three meals or more.  He wanted to take his boat out one last time before he towed it home.  I thank him for taking me this year.  We are blessed by the Best!