“I’m in trouble here!”


A couple of friends and I went fishing not long ago.  We went to a saltwater place.  There was so much rainwater there that we caught a lot of catfish along with croakers.  One of my friends caught a bunker.  I have never seen a bunker caught on a hook, only in nets.  Well, anyways, I brought some catfish home for these wild cats.  They will eat any fish, but catfish is their favorite because they have no scales.

Later in the week, I went out one morning to get something from the shed.  After I locked the shed door and took a few steps, I stepped on a catfish head.  Its barb went through my sneaker and into my foot.  I just stood there a few minutes with my foot raised and said, “This is not going to be good.”  I don’t ever throw the catfish in that place.  A cat must have dragged it there.

I couldn’t pull the head out of my foot, so I hopped to the small worktable I have in the backyard and started pulling.  It hurt and took me a while to find the right angle to remove the barb.  Boy, did I bleed!  My shoe was full of blood, and when I took it off on the deck, I got the deck all bloody.  As a matter of fact, I got everything bloody all the way to the bathtub.

Healthcare is not affordable no matter what the ads say.  We can only afford insurance for my wife.  The cost of healthcare is robbery!  The hospital wanted $800 for a tetanus shot.  That should be illegal!  Patient First wanted $109 for the visit and then another fee for giving the shot.  I called the Aylett Medical Center.  They wanted close to $200.  The same for Emily Hogan NP Total Family Care.  All I wanted was a tetanus shot.  The last one I had was in 1973 and only cost $10.  And I am sure Dr. Schulenburg still made a profit.

Well, I finally discovered Minute Clinic in the CVS Pharmacy and met Kimberly.  She gave me the shot for $65.  That broke down to $44 for the vaccine and $21 for her to poke me with the needle.  Still, that is quite an increase from the 1973 price.

The insurance and healthcare systems are all about making large profits, and they have suckered people into it.  Use the brain that God gave you and let Him direct you to the right place to get medical help.  After all, it is really God’s money!  And don’t forget to pray!