Thoughts on Flying


I’m going to leave flying for the birds!  I helped someone move to Hartford, Connecticut, last week.  I drove them up then flew back home.  The airport in Hartford is great.  I haven’t flown since the 1980’s, and I remember that my experience in Dallas/Fort Worth was a disaster.  All the passengers sat in the plane for two and a half hours waiting to leave.  The air conditioning was turned off, and they ran out of water.

Well, Hartford was nice.  At the checkpoint, they checked my shoes and a man felt my chest.  We departed on time.  When we arrived at Dulles, I had fifty minutes to make my connection.  I had to find the shuttle bus to get to Terminal A.  I was looking for A2F, but none of the signs said A2F.  So I jumped on “A” transit and discovered that A2F was all the way in the back.  That is where all the waiting started.  I saw people running to make their flights to Philadelphia, Charleston, and even Charlottesville.  But the plane to Richmond was delayed.  Back in Dallas/Fort Worth, it was American Airlines.  This time it was United, and all they were worried about was our patience.  They kept announcing, “Thank you for your patience.”   I was supposed to arrive in Richmond at 11:03.  I didn’t get home until after 2 a.m.  I did use my time to get acquainted with some of the others heading to Richmond.  There even was a couple who live in King William County.  The chairs at Dulles were very uncomfortable.  Hartford had some nice chairs that you could really rest in.  They even had some nice cushioned, Lazy-boy type chairs, although I didn’t get to sit in them.  Some would give you a massage.

All the little stores in the “A” section were closed and locked down.  Everyone tried to sleep.  I was able to doze a little.  It was a really long day.  I left my home at 3:30 a.m. and drove nine hours to Hartford.  It costs $15 to cross the George Washington Bridge.  I think that is a rip off, but we arrived in good time.  The delay in getting home really was frustrating.  It only took a half hour to fly from Dulles to Richmond; but if I had a car, I could have driven from Dulles and beat the plane and been in bed sleeping before they arrived at RIA!