In God’s Image


A lot of times I really don’t know what to write about.  Things happen every week, and I know that we are blessed by God.  I don’t want to brag about them, but we do want others to experience the personal relationship with Him as we do.

Johnny and I have been stringing wire at a horse farm to electrify the pastures.  The wire is tough to cut and hard to bend.  Unfortunately, the wire cuts us quite often, mainly on our legs.  It is so hot in the sun that we wear shorts.  The bottom part of the third pasture is a swamp so we have to wear rubber boots.  We must look silly in our shorts and boots.  We can’t wait to take the boots off because our feet and legs get so wet with sweat.

Most of our cuts heal all by themselves.  We’ve been putting charcoal poultices on the ones that get infected, and they heal in a day.  We are fantastically made!  I don’t know how far from the image of God we have fallen.  Adam lived 930 years, but he was created to live forever.  That’s something that we will experience when Jesus returns.  I wonder if we will get cuts in heaven and on the New Earth.  Somehow I doubt it.  We won’t be stringing wire to keep horses from getting into the road!