Confidence in Christ Jesus


Well, we had a memorial service for another person who had known me my whole life.  I really thought about my mother since it was Mother’s Day weekend.  She died last year.  My mom and friend are in Christ.  Romans 14:7-9 says that it doesn’t matter if you are dead or alive when you are in Christ.  My confidence is in Christ Jesus in all things!


Frozen in Place


On Wednesday last week, my sister in North Dakota sent my sister here in Mechanicsville a picture of the thermometer showing it was 69° inside her house and 0° outside.

It was 17° here Friday morning when I went outside to feed the cats.  I put on my coat, hat, gloves, and slip-on shoes.  As I walked across the deck, my shoes were trying to stick to the deck.  They make a loud suction sound as I picked up each foot.  My feet are hot and were melting the cold surface of the deck.  I thought, if I stand still, I’ll freeze to the deck.  It made me think about how I need to keep growing in Christ.  If I stop growing, thinking that I have arrived, I’ll freeze in place, never to be able to do anything that is productive for Him.