Helping Others


Last week I was helping a person with a plumbing problem when I got a call from her friend who was having car problems.  She thought she would be able to make it home, so I waited just in case she didn’t.  Well, she made it; but the car was making an awful noise.  Even I could hear it!  She wanted to take the car to her mechanic that night.  I followed her so that I could give her a ride back home.  We made it to the intersection of 360 and Lee-Davis Road before the car quit in the turn lane heading to the BP and Walgreen’s side.  I got out to try to push her car off the road.  Traffic was thick, but no one stopped to help me.  They only blew their horns.  I couldn’t push it out of the way, so we blocked traffic for over half an hour waiting for a tow truck.

Times have surely changed.  In years past when you were pushing a car, other men would get out to help.  People today are not showing the love of God or even Southern hospitality.  I thank the two men who stopped and helped my wife when she broke down many years ago on I-295.