How It All Began!


I’ve been thinking about writing a book of my fishing stories.  Some of them are not very long.  Maybe I’ll just write one every now and then on this blog.

The first time I went fishing was in the spring when I was nine years old.  My grandpa took me fishing on the banks of the Mattaponi River.  He bought me a Zebo push-button reel.  I remember him casting his spinning reel out and winding it in.  He showed me how to push the button on my reel and let the button loose when I cast it.  I didn’t do so well.

He could throw his line across the river, and I can remember when a fish hit his lure.  He gave me his pole and talked me through winding and playing the fish all the way in.  It was a shad, one of those large whites of old.  I was hooked for life!

I was determined to learn how to cast my rod.  I never did throw it out on that day, but the Lord blessed me with a fish that hit my line close to the bank.  I struggled with it and got it to the bank.  Another fisherman netted it just as it unhooked itself.  He said I had to touch it.  Everyone there praised me.

I still go shad fishing in the spring, but the shad have gotten smaller and there are less of them.  The water used to boil with them.  I still have a lure in its package just like the one I caught my first fish on.  It’s a Hildebrandt’s Shad King lure made by John J. Hildebrandt Corp. in Logansport, Indiana, since 1899.  It says on the package, “We Sold Your Grandfather.”  There are two lures in the package, size no. 2RN.  Two lures in one package!  Those were the days!