Persistence—Simpler Times


Last week Badona’s Nissan Sentra didn’t pass inspection because the lights that shine on the license plate didn’t work.  The place where I took it wanted a lot of money to replace two bulbs.  I thought I could do it myself for free.  When I got the car home and started working on it, I saw why they wanted so much money.  There was no way to get to the bulbs easily.  The trunk liner had to be removed and there were only small holes to get your hand inside to turn a wrench.  Next, there was a decorative cover that had to be removed before you could get to the bulbs.  In the process of trying to get the nuts off, my hand twisted and I dropped the wrench.  It fell inside the small hole and there seemed to be no way to get it out.  I got another wrench to finish removing the nuts.  All this work and the bulbs were still good!  I checked the fuses, dropped one inside the fuse box, and none of the fuses were out, either!  Well, I took the car back to the shop and had to pay a lot more money for them to figure out the problem.  A wire had broken at the trunk hinge.  Apparently, raising and lowering the trunk over the course of eight years broke a wire.

Now, we had a trunk with a tiny wrench rattling around inside the lid.  The car runs fine and passed inspection, but it would be nice to get my wrench back.  We prayed about it several times.  We used several magnets to try to retrieve it, and even poked a wire around.  We left the trunk liner off and tried slinging the car around on sharp corners.  Nothing worked.  When raising the trunk lid, you would hear the “clunk” of the wrench and could sort of figure out where it was wiggling, but there was no way to reach it.  I drove the car up on ramps to try to move it out to the center of the trunk were the holes are.  I shook the car, but it looked dangerous.  Finally, Badona said, “Put the cover back on and give it up.”

The next morning when Badona was loading her stuff in the trunk for her day out, she called me to come outside.  The wrench was sliding loose!  I took the cover off again.  As we lowered the trunk and raised it up, the wrench slid into one of the holes.  I grabbed it!  No more rattling in the back!  We prayed and thanked the Lord right there.  He had more to do with getting that wrench out than we did!  But I remember when working on cars and trucks was easier.  In fact, you could actually climb right into the hood of some vehicles.  I guess I long for those days when things were simpler.  But one day in the future (look at the warning signs in this time we are living in) when Jesus returns, travelling will be very simple!