On Being Retired


I have finished my fifth book, The Legend of Tater.  It’s a western and is different from my other books.  Badona is going to take a break for a few months before she starts editing this one.

I want to stop working and fish more.  I recently did a small roofing job, and it hurt my body for two days!  I don’t want to do roofing again.  At least I’m not doing it in the style that Dan Stanley did in the book Homeless!  That hot tar really hurts!

Some people think that being retired I have lots of time.  But I don’t, and I’m supposed to be retired!  I don’t mind helping people out, but I don’t care to spend days on a job.  One Friday recently, I helped Habitat for Humanity.  That was a good job because there were plenty of people to help.