Flowering Iris



I saw something different the other warm day last week.  I was outside getting my fishing equipment ready when I noticed a cat being very still looking at something.  I finished tying a palmer knot and walked quietly over to the cat.  It didn’t even notice I was coming until I got real close, and then it sprang and ran away.  What it was watching was a flower.  Badona planted iris bulbs in a circle at the corners of our house.  These are really short iris.  I had already seen the crocus blooming.  When I went to show Badona the crocus, I saw the short iris.  It wasn’t there earlier.  The warm sun really brought them out.  What the cat was watching was an iris’ petals opening up.  It finished opening up right before my eyes.  I’ve only seen that on TV.  It didn’t take that long to open.  I felt sorry I scared the cat from seeing it.