God’s Economy


I alluded to God’s economy last week; and it you take a look at it, it seems that it will leave you broke.  To give a tenth of your income, which is really God’s, to the first fruit of everything that God has given to you, doesn’t make sense.  But it works, no matter how much income you acquire.  To me, it’s the only economy that works.  My truck was given to the Lord sixteen years ago, and it still runs great and has had no major work done on it.  Plus, God still gives me money to put gas in it!  How God stretches out the remaining money after you return to Him is a mystery.  There were times when he had doubts, but not anymore.  It works!

A lot of things in this world are not fair.  Yes, we live in it, but we are not a part of it.  Things will get even harder, but God has developed our faith in Him.  So we will continue to put Him first.  In the month of September, we received some unexpected money.  My wife said, “That may be needed for something coming up.”  At least we’ll have it, and I want to thank all of those who bought my books.  I never knew that I was a writer or, as some call it, an author.  There’s no telling where these books will go, but they are blessed.