Fishing Lures


Badona hangs things in the bathroom and on the doorknobs, but I haven’t had a place to hang my lures.  I like to touch up my fishing lures with paint from time to time.  Now I’ve found the perfect place to hang them.  It’s a lamp chain in the kitchen.  I think they look pretty good up there.  I guess I could hang them out in the shed, but it’s been pretty hot out there, in the upper 90’s and even 100’s.  It’s a cool 78 degrees inside the house.  I can’t wait to see how these freshwater lures will do.  When I saw where and how the striped bass were hitting on my lure, I made some alterations to these.

I hope we all can learn something and keep learning and not be afraid to try something new.  There may be some interesting results.  We’ll never stop learning in heaven and the New Earth!

Mount Sugarloaf


After our visit to Springfield, Massachusetts, we drove over to Mount Sugarloaf in South Deerfield.  The road was open so we didn’t have to hike up.  It was a clear day, and we were able to see the great view.  But it was cold and extremely windy at the top.  In fact, as we were driving up the narrow road, we could see the wind blowing leaves in a circle.  Lorraine called it a Tasmanian devil. After enjoying the view, we returned to the parking area and saw that two small trees had been twisted off and were lying across the road.  We were glad that they hadn’t fallen on Lorraine’s Jeep, but I think that the caretaker could have pulled the trees off the road all by himself.  Instead, he raced down the road in his golf cart to block the entrance.  No one else would be driving up the road after that.  They would have to walk up!

Springfield Armory



There are a lot of things to see in Springfield, Massachusetts.  In the past I have been to the Basketball Hall of Fame and the Natural Museum.  I enjoyed them both.  This time, Badona’s brother took us to the Springfield Armory where the Springfield rifle was made.  This place was free, but there is a donation box.  On display are long rifles, war rifles, and all kinds of other rifles, not just Springfield rifles.  The museum is in the original part of the building that was built in 1777.  The building itself is interesting, and the machinery that made the guns is also cool.  The best section, to me, was the mishaps display.  You have to see it to understand.  If you are ever in Springfield, Massachusetts, look up the Springfield Armory.  It’s well worth your time, even if you don’t like guns.

The Things You See While Fishing


I went fishing last Wednesday and caught a few shad that I put back into the water.  A man was there with his black lab.  He was straight-line fishing and had four brim on a stringer.  He moved to the boat dock and caught another one that he laid on the dock then put his line back in the water.  The fish was flopping around and his dog went to it and pushed it with his nose until the fish fell off the dock.  “That’s my supper!” the man screamed.  Then he moved down to where a tree overhung the river.  He climbed out on the tree and let his line down and caught another one.  This one was larger, and he threw it to the bank.  Well, the fish was flopping and the dog started to push it with its nose.  “No, you don’t!” the man yelled as he got off the tree, slipped in the mud, but saved his fish.  He caught one more before he left with six fish on his stringer.  As he walked past me, slushing with wet mud, he said, “Next time, I’m leaving Jojo at home!”  Fishing is good entertainment!




I was thinking back to my first sign of aging.  I used to have a beard most of the year.  Now I only grow it in the winter months.  One day I noticed that there was something white under my lips.  I thought it was just toothpaste.  I took a wet cloth and wiped it off and it seemed to be darker again.  When I washed up the next morning, the white was back and I hadn’t brushed my teeth yet!  Now most of my beard is gray or white instead of my dark brown.  I just looked at some photographs from when my daughter was born and through her toddler years.  I sure don’t look the same as back then!

The next thing I noticed is that I was having a difficult time putting my socks on while standing up.  Now I can’t do it at all.  Then most of my hair turned gray.  Well, I guess it’s downhill from now on.  But it does pay to follow the Lord’s health plan that is prescribed in His Word.  Even though I don’t look the same or am as limber as I used to be, the best way to live is to trust in the Lord with all your being.  It pays now and later with eternal life with God!

Feels Like Spring!


There is one thing I don’t like to do—cutting the grass.  I spent part of the day Sunday changing the oil in the lawnmower and replacing the spark plug.  I also got the weed eater going.

I like the purple vetch, dandelions, goat weed, buttercups, and snowdrops.  I don’t even cut the violets.  We have purple violets and two-toned purple and white violets.  We used to have several lady slippers.

Well, if you let the grass get too tall, it’s hard to cut.  But if everyone would let their yards go wild, mine wouldn’t stand out so much.  I think mine looks better with wildflowers!


Almost Spring!



What a fantastic winter day Sunday was!  It was 82° here with no humidity.  I took a long walk Sunday morning, talking to the Lord and praying for the people in the houses that I walked by.  I was also able to fix a door that wouldn’t shut properly and did some house chores.  I was afraid that Badona was going to get in a spring-cleaning mood.  I reminded her that it was going to get cold again.

Monday I started calling commercial contractors to do some work at church.  I know of only two.  If you know a commercial contractor, let me know.  I’m ready to start taking bids to fix the wall in the fellowship hall, the closet, and the women’s bathroom.  We have the talent, but we don’t have the speed in getting it done.

My goal is to get all my extra stuff done so it won’t interfere with fishing.  The yellow perch are biting, and I hope to get out there this week.  I plan to fish a lot when the shad runs.