Does Money Grow on Trees?


It looks like we will have plenty of money later this summer.  Badona’s money tree plants are loaded with blossoms!  It takes months for the “coins” to develop.  Enjoy the spring.  Striper season will be coming in soon!  Life in Christ is great!


Where Are the Butterflies?


Where are the butterflies?  Badona’s lilac bush has been blooming for days.  It is usually covered with butterflies.  They are drawn to the fragrant blossoms, but not this year.  Something has changed.  Maybe the strong winds we’ve been having have kept them away.  I sure miss seeing them.  I haven’t seen too many bees, either.  Are the crops going to get pollinated?

Working on Our Vehicles


I recently had to work on my friend’s truck, an Avalanche.  Boy, were things tight.  The backs of my hands and wrists got skinned up.  Johnny got all skinned up, as well. Why do they make vehicles like that?  My truck is a lot easier to work on.  That is one of the reasons I bought it back in 2003.  It’s both a fishing and work truck.  I’d rather it be more of a fishing truck than a work truck.  Everything on my wife’s car is all tight, too.  In order to get to something, you usually have to take out other parts to get to the problem.  I remember the time when you could crawl inside under the hood and reach everything.  I wonder where all the hand-crank roll-up side windows went?  I just keep reminding myself that everything is temporary.  Challenges are good; but when a day goes smoothly, it is really appreciated.  When Jesus returns, we won’t need automobiles anymore!

Funeral Thoughts


We buried my Mom today (Monday), and it wasn’t bad at all.  We are confident in Christ’s promises.  I do not recommend the 2-4 and 6-8 visitation at the funeral home.  This is just too long, but it was good to see people who we don’t see too often.  It seems that we see some of them just at funerals.  I want to thank all of those who came out to give us their support, as well as all of your prayers.  What a reunion it will be when Jesus returns!

Peace and Confidence


I enjoy talking about Jesus.  I hope that everyone has a relationship with Him as I do.  Things are better when the going gets tough and when you encounter hard problems.  There is peace and confidence in what Jesus has done for me and my wife.  Satan will always attack your relationship with Jesus with the things and problems of this world.  I don’t even worry about money anymore, and Badona doesn’t worry as much as she used to.  To us, money is a tool, and we know that God gave it to be used for His purpose.  He really does take care of our needs.  Sometimes it does take patience on our part.

Now Badona is being attacked on her health, but we know that that is not unusual in this world.  Pray that the pain in her lips will go away, that the medical field can figure out what is causing it, or give her spiritual strength to endure.  Life in Christ is better now on this earth and a better future is promised!

Surprise Catch!


Last Tuesday Johnny, Alvin, and I went fishing at Buckroe Pier.  We fished all night.  The wind never stopped blowing!  Not too long after we got there, Johnny and Alvin both had their first catch.  I hadn’t caught anything yet.  I was using spot cut bait.  I wasn’t even at my fishing pole when Alvin called that my drag was going out.  I ran over to tighten the drag and started to wind the reel.  I thought I had on a stingray or a skate, but what I caught surprised me!

I’ve never caught a sea turtle before!  It’s a good thing that it only weighed about three pounds.  I got the hook out of its mouth and carried it to the office at the beginning of the pier.  They called someone and after a while, a man came out to get me.  We filled out a form together, then he took the turtle to a vet to check it out and tag it before letting it go back to sea.  They named it Chuck!

Fishing Lures


Badona hangs things in the bathroom and on the doorknobs, but I haven’t had a place to hang my lures.  I like to touch up my fishing lures with paint from time to time.  Now I’ve found the perfect place to hang them.  It’s a lamp chain in the kitchen.  I think they look pretty good up there.  I guess I could hang them out in the shed, but it’s been pretty hot out there, in the upper 90’s and even 100’s.  It’s a cool 78 degrees inside the house.  I can’t wait to see how these freshwater lures will do.  When I saw where and how the striped bass were hitting on my lure, I made some alterations to these.

I hope we all can learn something and keep learning and not be afraid to try something new.  There may be some interesting results.  We’ll never stop learning in heaven and the New Earth!