Our Vacation


November 10 was our 32nd wedding anniversary, and we took a trip to Front Royal.  We stayed at a motel in Middletown.  Thirty-two years ago we spent our honeymoon at Natural Bridge.  This time, we took the northern part of Route 11.  Front Royal says it is the canoe capital of Virginia, but we didn’t see any canoes.  I also didn’t see any fishing stores.

The Touch of Italian is a great restaurant in Middletown.  We enjoyed our dinner there.  We saw some historical sites and swam in the pool at the motel.  On the way home, we took the Skyline Drive.  I knew that there was a fee to drive on it.  That’s why I have never been on it.  I was surprised at the $20 price.  If we didn’t have a Senior Pass for Federal parks, I would have turned around.  There are some advantages in growing old!  It was a pretty drive, but the speed limit was too slow.  We did see two small bears!  It was good to slow down and get away.